April 5th, 2011

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Glee Ramblings

I haven't really talked about season 2 aside from the first episode and the Rocky Horror Glee Show, but I really enjoyed it last night, I think mostly because Sue had some of the best lines ever. My favourite was "Spongehair Squarechin" in reference to Will. Awesome.

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Aaanyway. It's very quiet here today and obviously it's Tuesday so I'm here until late. Next week will probably be even worse as it's the Easter break. The week after that I care not as I'm on leave anyway. :P

PS: Eni, we did discuss this briefly on Twitter but for clarification, I am off 18th to 21st April (excluding bank holidays) and then again from 3rd to 6th May (again excluding bank holidays), so if you want to arrange a day or two to come down here I can sort out your Secret Birthday Present... seeing as we clearly won't be in the process of moving at that point, I am free all the days... Also if I know your date of arrival I can book the Titanic exhibition at O2 around it. ;)