June 2nd, 2011

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Glorious Word-Dump!

As wholly anticipated, the sharing of fic and rambling incessantly about Jonathan Creek over the bank holiday weekend has resulted in a fanfiction word-dump of epic proportions. Or, well, epic by my standards these days, anyway. ;) I normally have a writing flurry around February / March so it's a little late coming this year. :P

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In other fandomic news, I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tonight at IMAX (60ft 3D piratical Johnny Depp, oh yeah baby). It's a shame Keira Knightley and Orlando Spoon Bloom aren't in it, as it sort of scuppers my preferred 'ship and I'm not really looking forward to Penelope Cruz's character as Jack's love interest, but apparently there's a lot of subtext to that relationship, in the latter part of the film, which reflects Jack/Liz, so... yeah. There's a post I have been waiting to read on sparrabeth about the subject, but I've been holding off until I've seen it and passed my own judgement.

On the plus side, Barbossa's still in it, and Ian Macshane as Black Beard should definitely be interesting - from the trailer it also looks like Keith Richards has made an apperance again as Jack's father, so let's hope he's better used this time. :D (His brief appearance in At World's End was rather overshadowed by the fandom's anticipation of his being there...)

Doubtless I shall review tomorrow, and with any luck the Pirates!Muses won't kill off my Jonathan!Muses in one fell swoop.