June 6th, 2011

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Right, I know Eni is impatient to hear the full story, and I've already shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, but for those who may have missed it...

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We were very busy for the rest of the day after that. After going to my mum's we all headed into Birmingham for the Caribbean Food Festival which Andrea had organised, arriving just in time to hear Dominic (her nephew) performing a set. We tried some punch, had curried goat with rice+peas, sat in the sunshine for a bit and then decamped to a pub to kill time before going to the Crescent for an amateur production of Sweeney Todd.

The production was actually really good, considering it wasn't professional. The two leads were amazing, Sweeney especially. I think because it was final night he may have been giving it a lot more than usual (I think he was crying at the end during the bows so clearly the adrenaline rush had kicked in), but the bit where Sweeney snaps in Act One was incredibly powerful. Mrs Lovett had great comic timing as well. Also Johanna had a really nice voice, which made a change from the last version I saw where she was just a teense too operatic. :)

So yeah, it was pretty good. Unfortunately I still haven't learned not to drink before shows; I went to the loo when we got to the theatre then had a J20 thinking I would be okay, only to have to run to the loo AGAIN 30 minutes into the show because I was bursting, couldn't remember when the interval was and couldn't concentrate... Stupid body.

We didn't get home until about 11.00pm on Saturday, so it was a very long day. On Sunday I finally got to have a lie-in. Thanks to house-viewings, we've had to get up at 7.30 or 8.00 for the past three weeks on a Saturday, so thank anything that's over with. :P We did intend to go down to herringprincess's for her birthday thingy, but by the time I'd woken up enough to text her everyone else had left, and I didn't fancy contending with Sunday service transport, so we're going to try and meet up at some other point. Seeing as we'll soon be living quite close to her anyway it may be easier to do some kind of mutual new-house-viewing. :)

The writing flurry continues to disrupt my sleep (probably about 2.00am when I finally nodded off last night? I have no idea), but I have now finished the first chapter of the Doomfic and the Angst is coming along nicely, too. I need to start thinking about a title for the Doomfic soon...

Right then, I think that's about everything. I imagine all future house-related posts will be (a) packing stress or (b) unpacking stress, both of which are infinitely better than (c) crap houses stress. ;)