June 14th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Coming soon: Hansel & Gretel the tactical role-playing game

Which of your favorite childhood stories would you like to make into a game? What kind of game would it be?

The Howen by Roger Stevens. It's my favourite childhood book and one which I occasionally re-read.

Lately I've wanted it turned into a film, as it's obscure enough that most people haven't heard of it, but I think today's film technology could do justice to the weirder elements of the story. I won't spoil the plot because everyone just needs to read it.

Before I wanted it turned into a film (quite frankly my imagination made it quite terrifying enough the first time around!) I initially wanted it to be one of those point-and-click puzzle-solving PC games, where you would play one of the two lead children and follow the course of the book, solving the mystery and interacting with the other characters.

I have a sneaking suspicion neither of these dreams will come to light, but I am forever holding out hope of a film. I think Tim Burton might do it justice. Maybe I should write him a letter. ;)