June 15th, 2011

Random - Cutlery

A Surprising Success...

I made this cake for Gaynor's birthday, using my basic cake recipe and adapting the flavouring as always. Here's the recipe because I'm quite proud of how it turned out:-

Collapse )

In other news - the letter / tenancy agreement has come through from Connells so we need to sign that and get some money sent over this week. I also need to send off my passport renewal so I actually have some ID (unless they'll take my Council badge as proof of who I am, that is).

My grandmother also wrote me a letter which came at the same time, enclosing a flyer for a house around the corner from her. She also rang me a couple of weeks ago saying she'd seen a house in Quinton to let as well. She means well, bless her; actually I remember we saw the house in Cradeley during our hunting and wrote it off because the kitchen was (surprise surprise) too small and the layout of the rooms was weird. I suppose I should ring her and tell her we've found somewhere; I was waiting until it was properly confirmed.

Also, the house has finally been taken down from rightmove by Connells, though it's still appearing with Tom Giles & Co. Hopefully we won't get randomers turning up to view because they're stubbornly holding onto it or the landlord's forgotten...

ONE MONTH TO GO OMG!!! :D I am fluctuating between excitement and dread at how much stuff's going to cost, but if all else fails the bank gave me a ridiculously stupid credit limit on the card so I can use that. Not that I want to, but it's there as a fallback.

Another cake to make tomorrow for Demanding's birthday (he's 65 on Saturday; I know I moan about him but I like him really... :P) which will be bigger and have WRITING on it. I may take a picture. ;) (Note to self, adapt recipe for satin icing for slightly bigger cake...)

That's about it.