June 21st, 2011

Retro - period

Owwww. :(

Dearest ovaries,

Thank you for choosing, after all this time, to punish me for ignoring you, rather than easing me back in gently to the joys of womanhood.

No love AT ALL,


(Still, it's been a while since I got to use this tag and this icon! Though the latter is not strictly true. My PMT surfaced as snapping at Paul last night for showing off his new muscles [I remain fat, of course] and blowing up about something relatively inocuous at work this morning. Heh.)

Last night in my post-gym brain-fuzz I made myself a prawn and potato curry. The recipe serves four, so I halved it, with the intention of taking some for lunch today or whatever. Upon eating it later I thought to myself, "Hm, this is quite a bit hotter than last time". At which point it occurred to me that I forgot to halve the spices. I added a bit of cream (the only yogurt I had was orange-and-chocolate-flavoured) to try and tone it down but yeah. OW. Once it had cooled (temperature-wise) it was a bit better, although that could have been because I'd burned off most of my tastebuds by that point...

I had to throw the rest away unfortunately because it was too hot for (a) lunch and (b) Paul. Which is a shame because it actually cooked properly this time. :P

Instead, for lunch today I have a pheasant wrap, with some of the cranberry&honey sauce from Sunday as it needs using. :D

Today is slightly tedious as most of the fee earning staff are out at their training day. Ho hum.