July 7th, 2011

SB - Max - Oy


So, this morning was fun. Not.

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Grr. I have since vented this at Sharn so feel a bit better. It doesn't help that I'm knackered from trying to juggle gym attending, cat-fostering until Saturday, and packing up the detritus of my life for the past five years (thus far I've done ornaments, Wii and DS games and our CD's - still everything else and furniture dismantling to go). I could do with the entire of next week off to get on top of it, but I have Thursday and Friday and the intervening weekend and evenings. Whoever stole the last month, kindly give it back!

With any luck Moany will stop talking enough to finish her police tape today and I can distract myself with the other one... :P She did eventually finish and I did mine in just over an hour, as it was only 10 minutes long and the interviewee basically said "no comment" as every answer. Ah well.

PS: Here's some lulz for you, in the alternative form of colleague stupidity. The above-mentioned faulty printer has a broken fuser cartridge, as I mentioned. Marie is visiting and asked what was wrong with it. Moany said it had a broken "fuselage"...