July 19th, 2011

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House-Move Update

All moved in - well, almost. There's some stuff still at the flat, including food, but nothing too desperate. I will probably be without internet for a while (we don't even know who supplies our gas and electric at this point) so any and all updates will be from work. I'll do a separate friends-only post with my new address. :P

Anyway, here's how things went...

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Aaand back at work today, in the first morning of testing buses. I left the house just before 7.45 and got in for 8.30, which wasn't too bad considering the Hagley Road traffic. I expected nothing less. I may experiment with maybe changing at Oldbury instead to get the 87 as that goes a different way, in case it's any quicker...

So that's that. There are still loads of things to sort out, like utilities and figuring out how the oven works, not to mention the rest of the kitchen stuff and the various things left at the flat, before we can even think about a house-warming, but with any luck we can get stuff sorted out soon. Considering how smoothly the actual move went, I'm not complaining. :)

Pictures coming when the camera's charged - I intended to do a 365 project of the new house from moving day onwards, but completely forgot in all the activity. But yes. Photographs soon.

PS: I haven't checked FB in ages - if you've done anything of note let me know, as it takes ages to check at work...