October 13th, 2011

Random - ficcing

Oh, I'd Missed You, Phandom!

Work has slowed down to an absolute crawl this week, hence this entry being long, rambling and pointless. 'Pologies.

My various fandoms are very strange and peculiar beasts in the way they invade my consciousness.

Take Sunset Boulevard, for example. Whenever it comes to visit, it opens a trapdoor beneath my feet and drops me back into it with an almighty crash. I have brief, crazed flurries of productivity - whether that's fanfic or character study (sorry, Eni...) - and then it bows out for a while to leave me in peace. By contrast, Jonathan Creek comes in, taps me politely on the shoulder and hangs around for a few weeks before sloping off again. And The X-Files, when that revisited, awoke like a great sleeping dragon, blew fire and brimstone for a bit, then went back to its cave.

I always say that old fandoms never die, they just lie dormant; I'm just fascinated by the different ways in which they decide to reappear.

Phantom, however... oh dearie me. For the most part, I blame my decision to re-read Kay's novel. Immediately post-gala I was craving MOAR PHANTOM and reached for that book as a quick fix; the penultimate section (which deals with the events of the musical/original book) is, frankly, glorious. And now, of course, I've started it again, and Erik - my original and first Muse - has decided to return.

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Good lord. I never quite anticipated that being out of fandom for so long would result in my LJ becoming full of periodic, epic fandom posts whenever I fell back into it. Was I always this bad? ;)

PS: Yay, I get to use my new icon!