October 19th, 2011

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Birthday Write-Up

So, this morning there was a present and card on my desk (I haven't opened it yet, though), which makes up for the lack of anything on Friday... possibly I may have over-reacted a little, though I still feel a little justified about feeling upset at the time. :P

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So, that was that. Paul kept assuring me that Sunday was in fact just a hangover and the rest of my 30s wouldn’t feel like death. :P

In other news, nobody has reviewed “Whisper” yet. :( I suspect anyone who still remembers me from my earlier days in the fandom has now moved on or disappeared, unless by some miracle my reputation precedes me with anyone else… I shan’t be posting the next chapter until I’m sure it’s being read, though, so anyone lurking needs to bloody well tell me so if they want to read any more. :P

Reviews are both a curse and a blessing when it comes to writing fanfic, and somehow I always forget in the excitement of actually getting something to a shareable stage. Ah well. We’ll see.