November 22nd, 2011

Christine - I can't escape


There is literally nothing to do today. There's barely anyone in from South Team and no typing coming from anywhere else either.

I am semi-seriously job hunting lately, though unable to do so at work because our internet is failing to load 90% of pages these days (we're still stuck with IE6, for God's sake). Collapse )

Oh, I'll do a health update whilst I'm here. It turns out I wasn't off with gastro-enteritis, but yer actual food poisoning - campyllobactyl or something like that. I had a letter off Sandwell Environmental Health over the weekend. I didn't actually ascertain how I would get my test results as the surgery didn't advise me, and I meant to go in to find out - so now I don't have to. Seeing as the chippy around the corner - where I had the somewhat dodgy chicken kebab that caused the said food poisoning - is normally really good, I'll let it slide as a one-off. I think the fact that I was already exhausted and run down probably made things worse than they should have been.

Now I just have to contend with the fact that my arse still hurts from when I fell. I'll give it a few more days and then probably go to the GP in case my tailbone is broken. I don't think there's anything they can do about it except give me a special cushion but sitting down all day at work is becoming quite painful. :( Especially when there's nothing to do and no chance to get out of my bloody chair...

Anyway, it's now lunchtime. Over and out.