December 22nd, 2011

Christmas - cookie

Almost There...!

This entry might be a bit all over the place because I am SOTIREDOMG right now and basically functioning on caffeine and will-power.

I finished all of my wrapping last night except for two things (one I forgot about, and one I couldn't quite remember who it was for), so now all that's left to do is the food shop (tonight) and seeing various family / friends before the Day - or after, in the case of some, as we have now run out of time. :P On Christmas Eve I need to do a bit of cleaning and washing before we go out to the pub - in addition to picking up the goose from the butcher - and change the bed. I have a bit of a tradition of buying myself new pyjamas to enjoy on Christmas Eve so I have that to look forward to as well (I am so middle aged).

We had our South/Education/2nd floor Christmas lunch yesterday at Chez Jules, which was very reasonabl (£16.50 for three courses) and very nice indeed. I would definitely recommend it. I'd actually been meaning to go for ages as I'd heard really good things, so would definitely want to try it on an evening as well. (Admittedly I am a sucker for French food; my top choice for the meal venue was Cote Brasserie but that was twice the price. :P)

I was the only WPO in attendance at the meal, despite Kemi inviting them all. We didn't even have a Support Team lunch this year so whatevs; I shan't let Senior deprive me of my Christmas lunch with my more preferable colleagues. The other WPO's can at least not moan that they weren't invited, though doubtless my disappearing for 2.5 hours yesterday will be the cause of grumbling. I worked through until five pretty much non-stop once I got back anyway, so they can't complain that I didn't pull my weight. :P

Once again this year I bought loads of Christmas cards and failed to get them written in time to hand them out at work, although I did at least get them in the post on time. I think all but Katie's presents have arrived at their respective destinations now, too...

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I also have a load of Studio Ghibli films to watch as Film Four have been having a marathon and I've been recording them. I made a start last night with Latura: Castle in the Sky, which was equal parts beautiful and creepy. I think I have about 12 more to watch.

In case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE SKY PLUS. It is the awesomest invention in the history of ever. I never watch television in the week any more, I just catch up on everything at the weekend... although it does also result in backlogs where Paul and I don't have time to watch anything. We currently have two Misfits and four American Horror Story episodes to get through, and I'm a week behind on Glee... Gah, roll on our week off in January. We made a start on season 3 of Six Feet Under after finally finishing Firefly, but it's taken a backburner to Actual Television...

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Except to say that I'm enjoying my new sofa SO MUCH OMG. I've never had / bought a new sofa before and it's so squishy and comfy and amazing. (Oh, and I need to do another post at some point about some of the weird stuff that's been happening at my house / work, but that can wait until I'm a bit more coherent / succinct. *is mysterious*)

THREE DAYS TO GOOOO! *jingles bells*