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more adventures in manchester.

one day i'll go south to see a show. excluding london, because, well, london. doesn't count...

there'll probably be a real writeup coming when i've done my sodding essay, but for now...

the journey was uneventful compared to last time (we didn't get lost!) and we were in sweet's BigHugeRangeRover as opposed to her littlebluecar from last time. which was nice. this time we managed to find the shops first time in manchester, and we didn't have rooms at opposite ends of the hotel, although we did have to walk a mile to actually find them... and after the show, at about 1am, lloyd and i ended up watching a film about lesbians (one with elle degeneres in, too), again...

the show was utterly wonderful, and didn't hurt as much as i thought it would, although it was touch and go for a while during jellicle songs for jellicle cats and also memory, but that was inevitable. once the ache had gone it was just bouncy. and we nearly got catted - by pouncival, again, who hovered at the end of our row, saw my ears, and gave me a very brief look before turning away, causing me and sweet to giggle a lot. so, yeah, it was very, very cool. and, although there was nearly a verse missing from bustopher jones, gus, the theatre cat was very good - jellylorum was practically a fangirl, which was lovely - and they left in the original ballad of billy mccaw as the duet between growltiger and griddlebone, which wasn't in either of the productions i'd seen before. the tugger was hilarious as ever, and mistoffelees just as adorable :)

so all in all, fabulous show, enjoyed by all. and i finally acheived at least one small goal, which was to go onstage in the interval and meet deuteronomy (scan of programme coming later), with whom i had the following conversation...

"it's very good..."

"thank you."

(indicating fuzzy fur coat) "i have a coat like that..."

"well, you know how warm it is, then."

and then the usual thanking and stuff. and had there been less people i probably would have revelled more in the fact that i was standing on the stage of "cats" for the second time in my life...

things that were sadly missed - the white fairy lights strung over the auditorium; the car number plate reading "TSE 1" (this read "NAP 16", which is either a very obscure reference to john napier, or simply because jennyanydots and then mungojerrie and rumpleteazer and various others take catnaps on it) also, it transpires, upon my reading the programme notes all properly, that the majority of this cast were in the final performances in london. which is sort of sad, in a way (although obviously not for them) but i feel kind of honoured, too... it does not, however, by any stretch the imagination, match the true magic and beauty of the show when it was in london, and no tour, no matter where it's held, will ever compare to that.

wherever it ends up (unless it's, like, dublin, or something), i am going to have my front row seats. as soon as i know where it's ending, i'm booking them. i'll sort out the transport later...
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