January 12th, 2012

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Film Review and Fandomness

We went to see the new Sherlock Holmes last night, on Orange Wednesdays at Cineworld. Orange Wednesdays are the only exception to my rule of only seeing films at IMAX or the Electric (thanks to AMC fail when we saw Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and my being generally opposed to Cineworld's ethos) and there seems to be a direct correlation between how busy the cinema is and how bloody quiet it is, as both times now we've seen a film there on a Wednesday evening in a packed auditorium where everyone shut up - as opposed to half-empty auditoriums where noisy bastards feel a need to fill the silence.

I wouldn't go there normally considering it's now £6.85 for a single ticket at peak time (with an extra few quid on top if it's in 3D)! I don't mind paying a tenner for IMAX because, you know, it's a 60-foot screen; we saw Sherlock... on Screen 12, one of Cineworld's smallest screens. I mean, it's still bigger than Screen 1 at Odeon but, you know, for nearly seven pounds I expect better when the film hasn't even been open that long.

To prove the point about why I dislike their treatment of films: they're showing a Luc Besson film entitled The Lady, which is only on Wednesdays at lunchtime. We're several editions behind on Empire presently so I've not heard of this, but Cineworld's treatment of it alone makes me think it would actually be quite good, if I had time to see it. According to Cineworld logic, only unemployed people want to see arthouse films. Which is about as ignorant as Jeremy Clarkson's presumption that only poor people use public transport.

Plus they were obviously sore about Vue obtaining the rights to the POTO 25th anniversary gala - and thus lots of money - considering their sarcastic 'summary' of it on their Twitter feed. :P

Anyway, gripes about the company aside, here are some thoughts on Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I think actually I should have bought the first one on DVD already to re-watch it, as I'd kind of forgotten HOW AWESOME it was. Collapse )

Right then, here's the separate cut with my POTO-related ramblings, which I want to keep apart from the film thoughts because they're only semi-related... Collapse )

Fandom makes me crazy, apparently. But I think we already knew that.

In other news, I was supposed to re-start gym attendance this week but being insanely busy has put a damper on. Paul's Monday nights have now been reclaimed, as Broken Amp is going monthly rather than weekly, but he was at Alex's this week, then I had choir on Tuesday and we went to the cinema last night, obviously, so I need a quiet end-of-week before going out to the cinema again on Saturday for The Artist at the Electric.

We booked to see it at the Electric thinking it wouldn't be on elsewhere, and naturally, because it stormed Cannes it's on everywhere. Still, it will be interesting seeing it at the Electric and for once I don't mind them showing a mainstream film. :P (Even they've relegated it to Screen 2, though.)

I also want to try and catch Hugo in 3D at the IMAX whilst it's still showing. It's nearly Oscar season so there will hopefully be some good stuff in the pipeline (although War Horse is being trailered to death), but even if there isn't, the new Tim Burton endeavour, Dark Shadows, opens in April or May. It looks gothalicious so I am very much hoping for an IMAX release. 60-FOOT GOTHIC JOHNNY DEPP, HELLO. :)

Right then, I think this entry is MORE than long enough, so I will sign it off. Apparently with my LJ these days you get nothing or you get epic spam. Sorry.