January 16th, 2012

SB - Betty - Oh you!

Another Film Review

We've made a good head-start this year on actually Seeing Films We Want To See... and there are two new Tim Burtons due this year so hopefully it will continue (Dark Shadows in May and the stop-motion animated (!) remake of Frankenweenie in October).

We went to see The Artist at the Electric on Saturday. Just as well we booked in advance as all three showings were sold out. It was horrendously expensive, though, as we decided to book a sofa and it came to just over £25. I'm sure those sofas were £10 originally. You should at least get a free drink included! Anyway, it did seem the ideal setting for such a film, and the audience actually wanted to be there - I anticipate if it's on beyond a week anywhere else it will be mostly full of ignorant kids who actually aren't interested in the film, or haven't realised what it is.

Anyway. Collapse )

This weekend has gone much too quickly. Before the film on Saturday Paul was at his business course again and I tidied the bedroom a bit (dusting / hovering) before going to meet him at the cinema, then we went to Wagamama for tea. Sunday was very lazy indeed because we were both shattered.

Back to the gym today, so let’s hope it doesn’t kill me as I haven’t been since October. :(