January 30th, 2012

SB - Norma - broken

Casualties of Battle...

Given last week was an absolute nightmare and horribly stressful for no seemingly obvious reason except other people being inconsiderate/stupid/both, I should not be at all surprised by any of the following:-

  1. On Friday I was supposed to go to the gym before meeting Lloyd at the pub. Instead I pootled around the shops (in fact, I didn't even bother taking my kit into work) and bought some books and tea towels and bed linen (from the Works and Primark respectively). I then only intended to have a couple of drinks but instead put my diet on hold by having steak-and-scampi with chips, and we got home at midnight.

  2. On Saturday I finally got up at midday, having slept for about 12 hours.

  3. On Sunday, as an upshot of both the stress and the oversleeping, I suffered a ridiculously persistent migraine which would not go away even after two separate doses of Migraleve, ended up having an afternoon nap and was basically useless all day. Although we did watch Pirates 4 in the evening, so that was okay.

  4. My chin has erupted in spots despite me trying to fight them off with Sudocrem for the past week (obviously I was too tired to bother towards the end of the week); I can only imagine there will be finger-peeling to follow shortly, which is my usual stress reaction even though it's delayed by a couple of days.

  5. As a result of the migraine and Paul having come down with another cold, we also did not go swimming on Sunday morning. All fitness activity - and any other activity, for that matter - has been scuppered by work being a pain in the arse. This is not what I call a work/life balance.

So, hopefully back on track this week. Gym on Monday and Thursday and swimming on Sunday for the foreseeable.

Still need to book a holiday in April and September; for the former it looks like we're going to wait for a late deal on a different website but they don't go that far ahead just yet, and we should probably decide where we want to go in September. Apparently our definition of a 'holiday' differs by several degrees of activity, so this may be quite difficult. :P

Anyway, tonight I will try and be at least vaguely productive, assuming the gym doesn't kill me, and hopefully this week will not be so horrendously irritating. Noor is back from leave on Thursday, thankfully, so doubtless I will be regaling her with horror stories. Today has mostly been about various WPO fail (from not bothering to find information for themselves to spelling / context mistakes ["ceiling" vs. "sealing", for example]) and sorting out the precedent stuff left over from Thursday's workflow group. And also the printer being weird and me being a technical genius. :P

Over and out.