March 27th, 2012

Derren Brown - blank

A Dream Post!

Worringly, I have not remembered any of my dreams in months. I dislike this turn of events. However, lately I have actually been remembering them in part, though a lot of them have been disjointed and weird and not coherent enough to write down in any constructive manner.

Last night's was so brilliant, though, I simply must share it. :D I will endeavour to start writing down what I can remember a bit more often as some of the latest dreams have been vivid along with the weirdness, and something is infinitely better than nothing. Nevertheless, here is what I remember of last night's.

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Here's hoping I can start remembering my dreams more properly now. As I say, I've had a few strange visions of late but nothing concrete. I generally dislike the dry periods, and they seem to occur when I'm especially stressed and trying to get through things without committing homicide, which seems a fair reaction, but I'd rather my brain sorted the problems out through dreams instead. I would even prefer the recurring nightmare themes (such as being chased / trying to escape) to barren nothingness.

So, yes. There we go. Hopefully more to come if I remember to write them down. (Waking up with migraines doesn't really help, to be honest...)

In other news, Project Fitness is now underway, of sorts. We didn't manage to go swimming on Sunday as we ended up sleeping in until half-eleven - clock changes notwithstanding - so we obviously needed the sleep catch-up. It was nice to have a quiet weekend for a change, though. We stocked up on mixed salad and dressings (and bacon bits and crispy onions) in order to make lunches, and on Sunday night we were terribly organised and made roast duck salads (using the leftovers from dinner) to take in to work on Monday. And of course we both left them behind, so they had to be thrown away.

Today we have chicken caesar of a sorts, although I forgot to make any croutons last night to go in them.

We did, however, manage to get to the gym last night - and subsequently ruined the hour of hard work by going to McDonalds as Paul was en route to Broken Amp - and my arms and legs all hurt, so I'm taking that as a positive sign. No more excuses now, twice a week and swimming at weekends and sensible eating habits. YES. Today I have my (possibly too small) salad and an apple and a clementine and I will get a healthy yogurt at lunchtime too. I CAN DO THIS.

Next week I will start a food diary and keep track of my calorie intake daily and weight on a weekly basis, now that I have floors that are actually level on which to place my scales. I was doing really well last January (as in 2011) but then became disheartened when I realised the bathroom and kitchen floors were both so uneven as to give me five separate readings on each occasion.

So yes. I will try not to bore people with updates but cannot promise anything. :P