April 10th, 2012

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Easter Weekend

Well, that was an up-and-down sort of four days...

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So, that was our Easter weekend. I had planned to get through a load of washing, but obviously the weather conspired against me. According to the weather forecast it's also going to be grim when we're away in Tenby next week, although they also said we would have ten solid days of rain in Birmingham and there's blue sky out there today, so maybe they're wrong. ;)

Here's the recipe for the Indian-style prawn toasts, off the top of my head... I might have missed something seasoning-wise but I think this was the process.

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Today I have managed to injure myself twice in the space of 30 minutes, firstly by bashing the back of my hand off the corner of a desk (I actually have a lump there now), and secondly by walking into the door frame on my way downstairs (probably going to be a lovely bruise). I'm going to the gym later so let's see what else I manage to do. Also my fingers are peeling at a rate of knots, so no chance of getting my nails done all pretty for going away next week. Bah.

Okay, I think that's long enough. Over and out.