May 18th, 2012

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The Good I Meant to Post Yesterday...

...but for getting distracted by all the work insanity. To update on that situation: Spellathon hasn't put any work in today, and her case summary got finished at some point this morning. That "urgent" case summary, which she demanded for 2.00pm Court run yesterday, is for a hearing which is not until 23rd May. So not only did she panic us unnecessarily, she's now throwing a strop.

I am actually disappointed the hearing is on 23rd May, as I was very much hoping it would have been this morning and she'd turned up to Court without a case summary. :P (As much as she would like to have laid the blame on us, of course, there's no way she could have gotten away with it because it would have been down to her own disorganisation.)

It does sort of feel like she put in all the urgent jobs merely out of spite in the end. It really does need to be taken higher, to her line manager preferably, but I very much doubt that will happen unless she repeats this behaviour again in a few weeks' time - which is very likely as she'll only last a few days doing her own typing - and we all start moaning again.

I still don't know what Moany's problem with Strict was, either, despite having the conversation again this morning with Noor. Apparently after completing the case summary she was "going to bring it up" in her 1:1 (OH NOES) and Noor only went to Senior to apologise for not doing it herself! (Er, her mother was sick, I'd say that takes priority.) So much fail, Moany. SO MUCH FAIL.

Anyway, here's the good thing: the epic POTO/Jack the Ripper crossover thingamabob. cloudsinvenice - I know you've offered to beta (which does not get commoncomitatus off the hook either), if I get that far, and I am going to reveal the main plot as well as the Twisty Ending under the cut so I don't forget things, so if you'd rather not be spoiled you can avoid this bit. :) I know when I used to beta "blind" the surprises were all the more surprising and made things easier to judge, if that makes sense... So yeah, anyway, here goes. Collapse )

I told you it was epic. :D

PS: If I fail at Sherlock Holmes fic-writing, I am more than open for cloudsinvenice to co-write! Frankly, I'm going to need all the help I can get. ;)
Ed Wood - Lugosi hand

New icon!

This came out of comments on Facebook re: the epic crossover and my review of Dark Shadows.

I'm using this blank version, and here's the other version:-

The animation is a little fuzzy, as it's really hard to get decent animated icons under 40KB without losing a lot of frames / detail, but I'm actually really proud of how well it joins up (that was a happy accident).

The text is pink because of the mohair sweater, obvs. ;)

Both are free for the taking with credit, as ever.