July 20th, 2012

WIW - Marian

Glee Post, as promised

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to do a Glee Season 3 post, so here it is. Eni, you NEED to watch this season already, I'm not even joking. Collapse )

TL;DR: Rachel fails, Sue wins, second half of season was cracktacular.

I may have more to say as the re-watch continues. Be warned. :P

Tonight Paul is having another of his geeky games nights, and I'm cooking paella for the first time. I have a gigantic frying pan in the cupboard somewhere which I've never used so I just hope it's big enough. I found a recipe last night which feeds four, and there are potentially seven people coming. (It's very odd having to double ingredients, normally I halve them!) So I need to go to Tesco tonight to pick stuff up.

I'm also doing apple crumble (again for the first time) for dessert. Hopefully it will not be a total disaster.

As I will be holing myself up in the office whilst they take over the living room, other than to cook and serve, I might try and get something productive done tonight, like typing up some bits of fanfic or making 'book covers' for my FFN stories... I had a bit of a thought about those where I would indicate the fandom by a certain symbol, e.g. a mask for POTO, the "S" from the Farscape logo, a Star Trek comm. badge, etc., to place in the corner of each cover. Thus far the only one I can think of is for "Whisper" (the piece of rubbish fanart I drew which inspired the story long before the song did, suitably "painted" in Photoshop), which is the LAST one I need to do as I want to start with my first story and work forwards. I really wish I could draw, then I could just create appropriate fanart instead. ;) Annoyingly, I have lost the awesome drawing that Naomi did for "Rhapsody" (Farscape story) because that would have been perfect. It got lost somewhere between PCs, alas. :(

I'm hoping this project will inspire a bit of creativity. Apart from the occasional blip, I have actually managed to maintain writing momentum since the POTO gala in October, and it would be nice if I could go a whole year, more or less, without the usual dry periods. So, we'll see.