November 29th, 2012

Random - Cutlery

Just a Recipe

I meant to post this a little sooner, but yesterday my brain was being eaten alive by PMT of Doom. Like, at one point I would happily have murdered all of my co-workers and stood cackling in a pool of their blood. Today, however, I am feeling human again, and I've had my PDR with Senior so spent an hour and a half venting all of the past year's irritations to get her up to speed. (She admitted wanting to throttle Snowflake at times, so it's not just me!)

There were annoying things yesterday but they were made worse by my brain being full of ANGER, so I won't bother to recount them and anyway they were mostly just Snowflake throwing her toys out of the pram and being generally irritating. :P

Anyway, here's a recipe. Collapse )

So, there we go.

Minute-taking test tomorrow! Last night I went to Matalan to get myself a new suit jacket and a blouse, the only decent one of which I could find is royal blue satin... My blue suit does just about still fit but the jacket is a bit tight. Not sure if I even need to dress up for the test but first impressions and all that. :P

Will doubtless report back at some point.