January 11th, 2013

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More Fandom Stuff

Sorry for all the Creek-related spamination lately, but I'm trying to maintain momentum throughout this period of fandom reinspiration. For the most part, it keeps me sane at work (though you will notice that since successfully applying for the new job, I've stopped moaning about my colleagues - it's not worth the effort any more) and I've reached the point of starting to embrace the exhaustion now, because at least there's a valid reason for it.

Anyway. cloudsinvenice and I are commencing the Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon this weekend (no set time or day), whereupon we shall both be blogging about it (and, in my case, picspamming). Other people are more than encouraged to join in, if you own, borrow or can otherwise procure the entire series. :D

The spamination, therefore, is likely to continue for AT LEAST another 18 weeks (the total amount of episodes starring Caroline Quentin), if not longer - though once we get to series 4 I suspect my actual blogging will dwindle, as will the picspam. The only screencap I want to get from series 4 is from "Seer in the Sands", of Maddy's email sign-off to Jonathan.

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I am SO GLAD it's Friday. Re-watch notwithstanding, it'll be nice to have more hours of the day to play with: fandom flail is a timesink of the worst kind, and the more time I have to indulge it, the better.

I have been so distracted by JC lately that I've not even watched the New Year's EastEnders yet! I might get that over with early on Saturday, then tackle this week's episodes on Sunday. Too many shows, not enough brain.

Over and out. For now. *doomy music*
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New Icon!

Perhaps rather predictable, and the first product of what will become the Serially Epic Picspam - the first occasion of which will appear this Sunday, hopefully, with my notes/review/flail of "The Wrestler's Tomb".

I think this icon might be in danger of being a little cheesy, but actually, I don't care. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE.