January 16th, 2013

JC - melon - J/M

Another new icon.

I'm determined to do at least one per episode now. If inspiration strikes there may be more. I definitely want to start including some Killers lyrics, too, preferably off Battle Born but I'm sure there are other equally brilliant and relevant songs on the other albums.

This one is more silly than shippy. :D (I couldn't NOT use it, now, could I?) I especially like how both of them look very confused about the situation.

In other news: "The Three Gamblers" episode tag is FINISHED. As in, all the scenes are done, it has an ending, it pre-empts the in-between angstfic, IT'S ACTUALLY PROPERLY FINISHED. Now I just need to tackle that bloody Crooked Lane monstrosity and I'll have done the entire of series 3.

This means I have to post them somewhere, doesn't it? *wibble*

In other other, non-fandom news: today at work was bloody knackering. Collapse )

Okay, nothing else to see here. Over and out.