January 27th, 2013

JC - Jonathan - eww

Grand "Jonathan Creek" Watchathon - "The Reconstituted Corpse"

Right. Unsurprisingly, I may have quite a lot to say about this one. ;)

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Right then, there we go.

Just realised I didn't manage to make an icon this week... I've been staring at the caps for ages but no inspiration is striking, alas. So I'll just have to use Jonathan's good old-fashioned "eww" face... which I suppose is at least vaguely apt. ;) I think the main reason for that is because I've been trying to beat the "Crooked Lane" tag into submission now for over a week, and it's really starting to slow me down (Millennium Eve fic aside) - I put a dent in it on paper this morning so with any luck I can get it finished tonight after Glee. DAMN YOU FIC I WILL END YOU.

A brief reprieve from ship!flail next week, thankfully - though this re-watch is definitely proving interesting in terms of the subtext - at least until "House of Monkeys", at which point you should be VERY, VERY AFRAID. Oh, wait - didn't I say that last week too? I'll say it again: VERY, VERY AFRAID. :D

Over and out.

Click here for "No Trace of Tracey"...
JC - Jonathan - facepalm

Just a quick update.

Icon from "The Reconstituted Corpse" - the reason I didn't manage to see this exceedingly obvious development before now is because I only produced that particular screencap this afternoon...

Anyway. Yes. I kind of wish I'd made this much earlier when I was still updating about work-related stupidity...