April 10th, 2013

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Long Overdue Update One of Many...

Okay, Derby Gaol update will have to wait until this weekend / some point next week (I've got three days off for our anniversary) because I'm rubbish, but I'll do a brief Last Day at Legal (and two weeks off) update here. Thankfully I didn't find chance to do an LJ entry whilst at work today because it was gearing up to be an Epic Rant, but events of this afternoon superceded it somewhat. In any case, I'll update about New Job, too. :P

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Anyway. In the two weeks following that I slept a lot, didn't write any fic (OF COURSE), made a rainbow cake for Lisa (surprisingly successful and straightforward!), and invited Eni to Birmingham before she headed off to colder climates. I inflicted POTO on her (mwahaha), resulting in an idea for a JC/POTO crossover, stuffed her full of food (both home-cooked and a meal at the Kings Head), mocked her lack of skills playing Assassin's Creed, and latterly surprised her with a belated birthday present of a trip to Cabdury World - which was impressive mostly for the fact that I've managed to keep it completely secret for about four years. :P

I then ended up seeing her again about a week later in Derby because I was taking her Farscape DVD's off her hands.

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If any of this is nonsensical, you can blame swim!brain. Gym yesterday and swimming today. Let's see if I can keep that momentum going for a bit.

PS: New work icon!