August 26th, 2013

Photo - leaves

Grand Jonathan Creek Watchathon - "The Problem at Gallows Gate" (Part 1)

Have been somewhat busy this weekend so only got around to watching this one this morning - hopefully this recap will not be as insanely long as the last episode, for the most part because the action is dragged out over two episodes - and also because much of the decent J/M stuff is in part 2.

You may be pleased to note (or possibly not?) that I only have six screencaps for this episode - but I've made up for that in part two. :P

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So, yeah. This one is very light on 'caps simply because Jonathan and Maddy don't have that much interaction - there were other scenes of them together but I had real difficulty in trying to get decent pics. Fear not, however - the next episode has one of my favourite opening sequences EVER, plus a little glimpse at what cohabiting life would be like for them, and it's awesome. :D