January 2nd, 2014

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2013 in Review

Because it is now traditional, the Year in Review Meme...

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For some reason 2013 felt like an uphill slog, I think probably because of my general lack of money and a few really massive family-related issues. I've been quick to call it an awful year because there weren't that many really good things to cancel out the bad things - it's been one thing after another with barely any grace period, or so it feels. On the plus side, it has gone ridiculously quickly since starting the new job.

With any luck this year Paul's job situation will sort itself either by virtue of becoming easier to deal with or him getting one outside of BCC at last, and that will mean setting the foundation stones of dealing with the debt piece by piece and having some spare money to play with. We might be able to have a holiday abroad - at the very least, I will hopefully not have to count my pennies halfway through every month to see how much to budget each week. Plans are afoot to sort out the living room and get the piano in situ, and we have plans for the garden as well. Slow and steady wins the race.

There is something oddly empowering about New Year's Eve and that transition into the new year - it's stupid when you think about it, because it's just a day, just the passing of time... but it has an essential psychological power to it. I will doubtless get halfway through January and start wishing it was over, but there are plans in my head; as long as I stay focused on them, they have every chance of happening.

One of these days, I might even shake off that bloody Odd Year Curse. ;)
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