November 3rd, 2014

Chicago - cell block tango

Aforementioned Update...

Okay, so here's an update on the past month or so...

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So, that was Brighton. There are some pictures on Facebook here.

Whilst I was away, I didn't drink very much - about two bottles of cider and half a bottle of wine. I'd fought off a kidney infection shortly before going so I thought I'd be okay, but that transpired not to be the case as within a couple of weeks it had come back again. You may recall at the end of my last big update I mentioned my last GP appointment before then, when I'd asked for a referral to the hospital and the locum refused...

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I am firmly of the belief that my body / brain knows best about when I need time off work; after a fortnight off I was still shattered, so quite obviously needed more downtime. A month and a half is pushing it though! Also, I am still knackered, but that's down to not sleeping rather than anything else; getting back into a routine will be good. I've sworn that once I'm finally clear of this nonsense I will get back on track with healthy eating and exercise, as this ongoing bout of ill health has scuppered my gym attendance and swimming.

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So, there we go. You'd think, with being off work for so long, I'd have something to show for myself; all I've managed to achieve is completing Tomb Raider on PS3, playing through Enslaved, and making a start on watching The Nanny on YouTube. I did manage to finish my POTO fic, though, so that's something. :)