December 4th, 2014

JC - Jonathan - facepalm

Embroidery Update

This will quite a quick one of very little substance; I will probably not update properly until after Christmas, because (a) things are starting to get busy now, and (b) at some point I still need to send commoncomitatus an offloady email, and I'd rather not attempt to do anything of more substance here because it may well turn into a rant. :P

Anyway, without further ado:-

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Oh, I do just need to update about one thing: I was supposed to go to hospital for my urology appointment on Monday (1st December) but I accidentally went to the wrong hospital. As everything else so far had been at City, that's where I presumed the appointment was - despite reading the letter several times which informed me it was in fact at Sandwell General.

I actually got there 45 minutes early (though technically only half-an-hour as I was supposed to arrive 15 minutes early in any event) but as it was rush hour, even if I'd gotten a taxi I wouldn't have made it all the way to West Bromwich in time for the appointment, so I had to call and cancel it and am now awaiting another appointment. Hopefully it won't take as long to process as it'll already be in the system, but then again...

So yeah, I am an idiot. This came after two different incidents of my being an idiot on Friday afternoon as well (I had to leave work early to accompany Paul to the dentist to finally get his tooth extracted), whereby I bought ten 25-watt bulbs instead of 40-watt - though that was partially because the hardward shop from which I bought them has no logic whatsoever to how it stocks things on shelves - and then bought myself a baguette from Greggs only to leave it on the counter.

I blame either the painkillers, or just the pain. Even low-level for the most part, it's starting to fry my brain as well as my energy now. Meh.

That's all for now.