February 17th, 2015

Trapdoor - Moany Boni

General Update

I finally have a spare few minutes, so here's the first update of 2015. In fairness, nothing much has really happened, as for most of January and February I've been skint due to our early pay dates.

I hate February. :P

Anyway, here's what's been happening both work-wise and otherwise.

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In other news, however, work is... having issues, shall we say.

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Anywaaaaay, yes, TL;DR: work is poo but still better than before.

I think I might have a couple of embroidery updates I forgot to post, but I'll wait until I've done another one. Embroidery has been put on hold of late anyway as it's far too cold, but I have three racked up in the footstool now and about six more on my Amazon wishlist. I blame Vicky (from uni) for this as she's gotten into cross-stitch and her updates on Instagram just make me want to get back to my own.

I would promise not to leave it so late next time but... yeah, that would be a lie. :P

Over and out.