February 15th, 2016

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I really need to do a Life Update, but it'll have to wait a couple of weeks. 2015 did not go down without a fight, and hopefully soon I will be in a much better (read: saner) position to attempt to make sense of it all. (I honestly can't even remember what the last thing I updated about was...)

In the meantime, however... NEW X-FILES!!

I have been refusing to succumb to downloading it - mostly because the desktop PC is too slow and the laptop is still virus'd up - so had to wait until the Channel 5 airdate, which was thankfully only a few weeks behind the US. Although in a season with only six episodes that's, like, half a season behind. :P I have also managed to remain largely spoiler free through timely deletion of the Facebook fanpage and complete avoidance of Tumblr, which in this day and age is frankly a miracle.

So, it was on last night, which OMG SO EXCITE. Thoughts, probably rambling and mostly incoherent, under the cut...

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I'd like to say there won't be any more posts like this, but we all know I'd be lying. Thank God there's only six episodes because there would not be enough hours in my life to recap a full season!

At one point this was going to be even longer, because I discovered to my infinite joy that Inside the X have already put up the first two episode transcripts, and on reading the script for the first episode I had a lot more I wanted to say... but I think this'll do, considering it's taken me a week to get around to it. ;)

I shall now post this, and begin to formulate a Life Update. I also (still) have a metric crapton of embroidery pics to post, especially as I restarted it yesterday.
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Life Update

Two posts in one day!

Before I get caught up in another new X-Files recap, here is a life update...

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I suspect I have missed quite a lot out of that because so much has happened over the past eight weeks or so, but hopefully 2016 will start to improve, now it's got all the Awesome Celebrity deaths out of the way.

We have things to look forward to, in any case: a colleague's 40th birthday party in March, Sunset Boulevard in April, and of course five more brand shiny new episodes of The X-Files - and a like-minded colleague to squee over it with. ;)