T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

amphibolical quiz.

[a] - Age: 21.
[b] - Best friend(s): all of you, depending on who i'm not hideously annoyed with (it's rare...)
[c] - Choice of meat: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, tuna... can i stop yet?
[d] - Dream date: i think you know...
[e] - Exciting adventure: little shop in leeds. although that was more 'nervous adventure'...
[f] - Favorite food: meat. chocolate. potatoes.
[g] - Greatest accomplishment: little shop. leeds. jeremystalkage thereof. failing that, uh, passing first year english?
[h] - Happiest day of your life: haven't had one yet. had plenty of notable good ones...
[i] - Interests: fic, writing, grammar-vulturing, musicals, probably many others.
[k] - Kool-aid: never had it.
[l] - Love: in it and being slowly eaten alive. that do? which is why i shouldn't fill these things in when my brain's feeling dark and shrouded. my opinions of love would fill a book, and i don't feel particularly inclined to tell everyone at the moment...
[m] - Most valued: most valued what? relationship? person? possession?
[n] - Name: part of my identity, but nevertheless i don't like it. i know very few people who actually do like their own names.
[o] - Outfit you love: depends on my mood...
[p] - Pizza toppings: cheese, tomato, spicy beef, tuna.
[q] - Question asked to you the most: "where did you get that coat?" recently; actually, i don't get people asking me things very often.
[r] - Radio station: barely listen to the radio, but if i had to listen to anything for an extended period of time, probably radio 2 or classic FM. i've always maintained they should have a station that plays showtunes. hell, i'll frelling host it.
[s] - Sport: snooker and tennist i can just about cope with.
[t] - Television show: farscape (*sigh*), buffy, trek, jonathan creek, frasier, red dwarf, usually whatever's on...
[u] - Your favourite song: at the moment... oh, i don't know. to quote lorna quoting that poet (whose name escapes me) "life is a glorious cycle of song..."
[v] - Video: way too many...
[w] - Winter: snow, rain, all that good stuff, cold notwithstanding.
[x] - Xylophone: something, along with the harp, that i always wanted to learn to play.
[y] - Year born: 1981
[z] - Zodiac sign: libra and often a stereotypical one...
Tags: memes
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