December 31st, 2017

Ed Wood - Lugosi hand

Year in Review Meme for 2017

I decided to start this early and work on it over the course of November/December, so I didn't have a mad rush to get it posted, for once... also because by the time I get to the end of the year I've basically forgotten everything that happened in the preceding 12 months. Also because Paul always moans that my Year in Review posts are negative, so I tried very hard to think of Good Things that happened in this very strange year...

As it transpired, it was probably for the best I started this early, considering I spent the entire of Christmas with 'flu and had no inclination to do anything except sleep / feel sorry for myself.

Such being said - onward!

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If you managed to get through all of that, I commend you!!

I have no idea what 2018 will hold for everyone, either individually or on an international scale, but let's hope 2017 was the final scrapings from the bottom of the barrel and now we can finally open a fresh one. Which is a rather clumsy metaphor of "it can't get any worse, right?" Here's hoping...