April 4th, 2018

SB - Norma - broken

Long Overdue Flail Write-Ups

So, on Easter Sunday commoncomitatus and I finally got around to watching the bootleg footage of Sunset Boulevard on Broadway from last year - essentially the same version as we saw in London, starring the same three leads (Michael Xavier as Joe, Glenn Close as Norma and Siobhan Dillon as Betty) and pretty much identical staging, but with added Broadway spangles. I really have a lot I want to say about the production, but before I can do that I need to do the write-ups of our two other YIM flails, namely the Michael Ball/Petula Clark Radio 2 concert from 2004, and the Alan Campbell/Betty Buckley Broadway bootleg from 1994.

These write-ups are essentially a way to firm up some of the Thoughts and Theories we came up with in the process of watching/listening, if only so they're recorded for posterity and the furtherance of my headcanons. So, be warned, I will be quoting our doubtless incoherent flail at various points. :P

I intended this entry to be a twofer because I thought I'd have less to say about the Radio 2 version, but, er, well... you can probably predict how that went. I'll try and get the 1994 Broadway write-up done this week as well, hopefully tomorrow.

Incidentally, I have seven X-Files season 11 recaps to do as well, but those will have to wait until I can do a rewatch. I livetweeted "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" at the time, but Channel 5's doubling-up of episodes and terrible scheduling has resulted in me forgetting basically everything I would have put into a write-up.

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So, there we go. I didn't expect this to be quite so long, and on that basis I imagine the 1994 bootleg recap will be even bloody longer, because there are Specific Things in there that I desperately need to flail about before I can flail further about the 2017 bootleg. And honestly, the only feasible way I can see of recapping that is to embed the video and flail at it in line with timestamps. :P

One of these days I might run out of headcanon. But I doubt it...