November 13th, 2018

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The Great Christmas Lunch Drama of 2017

I briefly mentioned this on Twitter and promised to do a post about it, so as there's a bit of a lull at work (finally) it seems a good enough time to get around to it. I should have updated about this at the time, but honestly it was so petty and exhausting that I couldn't be bothered, and it probably wouldn't have been this coherent. :P

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Like I said - petty and exhausting. This year, to try and mitigate against any potential drama, I set up a document on the shared drive asking people to indicate what they were interested in out of four potential options (meal out, bring-and-share, "posh" chip butties and Secret Santa), because there's no reason we can't just do four separate things if we can't come to an agreement. Yvette then took over organising the actual meal and Secret Santa. (Interestingly, Pat did not fill out the document; whilst I hope that's because she's feeling guilty about what happened last year, I suspect it's because she actually likes causing drama.)

The thing is... there's enough politics going on without something as simple as a Christmas get-together causing all this pointless stress. What was supposed to be an effort to reclaim the Christmas lunch we'd been denied for the past two years turned into unnecessary bickering and pettiness. Fingers crossed this year it will go without a hitch.

Next update will doubtless be the traditional Year in Review meme, which I will probably start drafting very soon....