April 27th, 2019

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All About Eve - Or Possibly Margo

I am at least a week overdue in writing this post, thanks to self-evident work!stress sapping my energy, as a result of which I spent the first two days of the Easter weekend with a migraine, as well as Monday (thankfully it eased off enough on Sunday to enable me to cook our roast duck dinner, and on Monday I did at least have a bit more energy even if my head was hurting). It has latterly transpired, as I probably should have guessed, that Shark Week was imminent. The symptoms are so much more obvious in retrospect. :P

I imagine that also goes a long way to explaining why I was so angry about The Email last week, though I have since re-read it a couple of times and I think I'm still well within my rights to be pissed off about it - and indeed I have discussed it with other colleagues in the meantime and everyone is pretty much of the same view that it's unfair. I spent some time yesterday morning formulating a response which I will hopefully whittle down to smaller comments for my supervision, whenever that will be, and if my TL wants it in writing at least it'll be in a more digestible / less ranty format.

ANYWAY, to the point of this post!

On 11th April Paul and I went to see a National Theatre livestream of All About Eve, starring Lily James as the eponymous Eve and none other than Gillian Anderson as the iconic Margo Channing. I knew about the play itself (in London) because I follow Gillian Anderson on Twitter, and tickets for the actual play were horrendously overpriced so I was lamenting never being able to see it, and then about two days later I learned there was going to be a livestream. Subsequently, both [personal profile] cloudsinvenice and I saw it at the same time, albeit in very separate cinemas and a sea apart. :)

I had a lot of Thoughts about it which I simply didn't get chance to properly get down on paper (or screen), and then on Tuesday this week I learned that they were showing "encore" viewings of the livestream recording, with my most local one taking place the day after! So I self-indulgently treated myself to a second showing of it (on my own because Paul decided two viewings in three weeks to be overkill), because what even is the point of earning money and having a bit left over if you can't spend it on the occasional bit of fangirling? :P

I'm really glad I did go again because it's helped to jog my memory about some of what I wanted to say, and reminded me how amazing it actually was.

I will cut what I want to say because, obviously, it's going to be long. I will attempt to put this into some kind of chronological / sensible order but my short-term memory is perpetually shoddy these days. :P (Also, thanks to the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, I am in danger of falling into a Jaime/Brienne shaped black hole and would rather get this out of my brain first.)

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I'm sure I've probably missed a lot out of this write-up even now, and if I think of anything else in the interim which warrants sharing, I will do another post. I think this about sums it up for now, though. When I eventually get around to seeing the film, I will doubtless want to draw up some comparisons. (Yes, I have tagged this with my Sunset fandom tag but only so I can find it again later down the line. I make no apologies. :P)

Anyway, now that this is finally out of my brain, I can finish the unprecedented Jaime/Brienne fic which fell out of my brain yesterday and get it up on AO3 before the third episode on Sunday, which I am dreading beyond measure. I really don't want either of them to die until their full relationship arc is complete, but I don't trust any of the writers not to break my heart. :(