May 24th, 2019

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A Final GoT Post...

... before I have to do a Real Life post probably tomorrow.

So, on Monday night it was the last ever episode of Game of Thrones, so here is my now-traditional recap. Despite booking yesterday off work with the intention of doing this entry, I actually ended up pouring my feels into trying to finish my latest fic instead, hence the delay.

Actually, before I talk about the episode, here's a quick round-up of my GoT fics in case [personal profile] cloudsinvenice (or anyone else) wants to read them in context of the season as a whole... These are the links on AO3 but they're also on FFN and are the first three stories on my profile, here.

These form part of a series on AO3 which I have aptly entitled "Season 8 Braime Ship Spiral" and from that you should obviously assume they are Jaime/Brienne centric. The great thing about shipping is that massive fandoms with gigantic casts do not have to be impenetrable when you're only focusing on 2-3 characters at a time.

Wish Fulfilment - set after episode 8.02, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”. Jaime and Brienne and their greatest wishes, and Tormund as canon shipper rather than creepozoid.

we have survived all, we who knew we would not - a direct follow up to the above story, set after episode 8.03, "The Long Night". (Pretentious title is pretentious.) Standard hurt/comfort and fluff because my heart needed it after that episode. The AO3 version is split into chapters but I intended it as a long one-shot, which is how the version on FFN is formatted.

The Things We Do - a separate story / fix-it / alternative ending to episode 8.04, "The Last of the Starks", incorporating events of 8.05, "The Bells". Currently a WIP because I decided to give it two separate endings, only one of which I have so far finished. (Obvs.) In which Jaime is an Impulsive Idiot and Brienne is Not Having It. (Angst/fluff, mostly.)

I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed by the response to the latest story in particular: people really seem to like my interpretation of Brienne, and that’ll do me just fine. :)

Right, now that my watch self-plugging is over, onwards to the recap. This won’t be quite as ranty as my previous ones because I’ve had a bit more time to process it, and now the show has finished I’m not quite so full of theories/predictions/pre-episode tension. :P

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I think that about sums it up.

If Paul and I do a full re-watch of the entire show at some point, I may well do more of these posts in the future (even if it’s just yet more words of ship!flail). For now, I imagine my blog will become a wasteland of work-related moaning again, although I have an actual Real Life post to do very shortly.

Over and out.