June 3rd, 2019

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Game of Thones: The Last Watch

As promised, here are a few thoughts on the above documentary now that I've watched it. (Paul and I had to watch it in two halves as we were both too knackered to finish it in one go. It's been a draining few weeks TBH.)

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I think that was everything...

Brief real life news: our credit/reference checks have cleared so hopefully we will be moving in around a month to a house on the Oldbury/Quinton border (still under Sandwell but the posh bit of Oldbury – we’re going up in the world!), which is more than our current rent, and also smaller, but a lot closer to Bearwood. This time I am actually going to try and throw stuff out before we move rather than after. :P

Further updates as and when they occur, obviously.