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okay, that's it...

want new monitor now... remember the whole five desktops shenanigans? well, here's the latest fun...

was web-building, as per usual, only this time, at least, was being constructive, doing my creative writing assignment, having realised i've made it hideously complicated for myself... anyway. i had about... seven windows open. and word decided to crash. of course. (oo, talking of which... *checks file does, in fact, still exist* oh, thank god for that...) and then it took everything else with it, including MSN messenger (which i wasn't even using, which i thought was rather impressive...)

so i restarted. and got five desktops, of course. see, i've figured out why/when it does it. when you go to your monitor settings, i think most new computers will let you go up to something obscenely high as a resolution, depending on what sort of monitor you have. mine alternates between having three settings (640xwhatever-it-is, 800x600 and 1024x786, which is what i like using) and five. if it decides it wants five settings to choose from, putting my screen resolution at 1024x786 is a Bad Idea, because when i restart, this happens...

i remembered to take a picture with the digicam this time. go me.

so, yeah, you try navigating that mess. it's difficult enough trying to find out which mouse cursor affects which desktop, and then, just imagine my pain when i forget which one that is. so, anyway, i'm getting used to it and can usually get to the settings to take it back down to 800x600. and usually, another restart will get me back down to the three settings my monitor likes.

not so the last four times. i'm stuck on 800x600, and everything big and evil and i want a new monitor now please...

oh, and hurrah. photoshop just crashed a-frelling-gain. it's going to be time for another re-install, i think, of everything. which means copious backing up of everything on my harddrive. joy.

and this, i realise, is completely trivial in light of the current world situation, but it's irritating, dammit.
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