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right, several things:

1) it is definitely my computer that is causing the problems. we have narrowed it down to the processor by a process of elimination (i.e. unplug stuff to see if it has any effect)

2) i have to go to pc-xchange tomorrow to see if they can do anything. however, if i am charged £15.00 for them to send someone out and just say "don't use the computer", i will not be pleased...

3) i am stopping chorus. jenny informed me nobody came tonight and it's obvious that if people don't want to join, we can't make them. therefore i will be going to grovel at u.d.s.u tomorrow also.

have gone from being mildly amused to mildly frelled off...

however, it gave me time to clean my room :)
Tags: annoyances: modern technology, choir
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