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a decision

wish... wish... wish i could dance. wish i had some semblence of an ability to move my feet in time to music and not look idiotic (the time warp does not count), wish i could move my legs over each other and not fall over them. wish i'd realised 15 years earlier...


i have decided (decided...) to, one day, seriously attempt to learn to dance. no matter how long it takes, no matter how much of my blood, sweat and tears is put into it, i. will. dance. as soon as i manage even the simplest, most basic step, i will be a happy girl.

it's too late for ballet - these old muscles are too stiff and non-pliable for me to learn ballet (i wish i hadn't been such a temperamental 5-year-old when i actually DID have lessons, apparently...)

however, tap dance is certainly a possibilty, because i seem to recall my father having lessons when i was very young and he has even less rhythm than me, so if he can do it, so can i.

i cannot afford lessons. my mother cannot afford to buy me lessons. can any of you? (i know it's asking a lot. will stop asking now.) one day, however, i will have singing lessons (purely vanity, nothing more) and dancing lessons, and make something useful of them.

i will.

it's not much of a plan, damnit, but it's better than nothing.
Tags: best laid plans

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