T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

random stuffs

1) i've finally gotten around to watching season 7 of "buffy" from "beneath you" to "potential" and it's enabled me (finally!) to finish chapter sodding 28 of "cradle", which i shall upload very shortly. chapter 29 is already half-written, too. i frelling hate filler chapters where nothing happens... would do reviews of every episode but i really cannot be bothered, so...

two best lines so far:
spike (re: xander) "i'm insane. what's his excuse?"


anya: "...spike's insane in the basement..."
willow: "spike's inwhat in the whatment?"

and yeah. spuffy! whee! that's all i'll say for fear of spoiling the non-sky people despite lj-cutting it.

2) i also watched "death becomes her" (film, 1992, meryl streep, bruce willis, goldie hawn) the other night - i'm making up for all the times it was on ITV at ungodly hours when i was 14 and i wanted to tape it... anyway. frighteningly accurate and obscure-unless-you're-a-geek references to "sunset boulevard" - and this time they're not so obscure that they can't be proven. the evidence, m'lord...

i. meryl streep's character is one madeline ashton, aging star. let's just stick that on the sideline for the moment.
ii. in an early scene, madeline wakes up, and is wearing the exact same triangular patches and neck brace thing as worn by gloria swanson when she was preparing for "salome" to be filmed.
iii. a poster, on the wall of a public building, showing madeline ashton in something called "dark windows" - the original name of joe's story that betty wanted to adapt, which became 'untitled love story' in the film, and 'blind windows' in the musical. that's got to be more than a coincidence. i love subtle injokes...
iv. ...and not so subtle ones. madeline is having an affair with a younger man who is having an affair with someone his own age. sound familiar? ;)
v. the make-up artist was one alec gillis. but that, i'll accept as coincidence :)

3) been addictively watching "most haunted" on UKLiving and scaring myself stupid. we've taken pictures of the house with the digital camera and mum's room is full of orbs (little balls of light that show up on digital camera that are apparently the beginning of a manifestation of spiritual energy.) also a few in the kitchen although not so many. luckily, none whatsoever in my room, which is just as well, because i'm going to get no sleep as it is. i'm open-minded AND paranoid... meh...

i think that's everything.
Tags: fandom: buffy, fandom: sunset boulevard, reviews: films

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