T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

hey, something to post about...

all right, since i've been telling mostly anyone who'll listen how much "chicago" annoys me, i figured the layout wasn't exactly relevant any more since i'd only done it whilst addicted to the soundtrack and drooling over the pretty visuals...

anyway, let me share my pain...

my initial plan for this was to attempt to find a decent screencap of 'the scream' from "tabula rasa", as per previous post, then cut out each individual character (or as many as possible) and put their head into a box and do a column of them down the side, and hence, amusingly silly layout. except most of the caps were too small and really crappy quality and about a split-second too early/late into the shot. well, okay. but i still wanted to do a buffy layout.

i cursed the fact that i didn't have season 6 on DVD, and the lack of caps. then rethought my plan. right. buffy/spike theme it is.

i found suitably-sized/quality caps of buffy and spike individually and together, and photoshopped my images to make a 1024x768 background (figuring it doesn't matter too much since i'm the only one who'll see it regularly). and then photoshop started making photoshop-about-to-crash noises and i had to restart.

and when i restarted... i got 5 desktops. which is fair enough, except a) photoshop is frelling impossible to use in 800x600 because the screen area isn't big enough and b) my layout was too big for me to test. anyway, i resized the background image (and then resized it again for whenever my computer deigned to behave in a single-desktop fashion) and attempted to upload it to the fahrbot account.

har. hardeharhar. could i? nope. because they've gone and changed The Network Settings again, so the FTP uploader wouldn't connect. oh, i just love our network providers, i really do...

anyway, she was online, and has been known to mess about with things on our site :-S, so i attempted to send her said file so she could upload it for me. except then MSN decides it doesn't want to send the file, so i had to email it. twice. because the first attempt was way too big.

so, anyway, eventually, i got my background up, which almost works in 800x600, if i take away my status bar. *sigh*

the computer's behaving now after shutting down (fourth time lucky) and turning off at the mains before restarting. it's being an utter bitch tonight, seriously. i'm thinking of naming it rasputina.

also, i realise the icon is scary and/or hideously cheesy, but it took me an hour, gosh darnit, and i ain't changing it now...

anyway, finally, i present: buffy/spike-orientated layout! because this is, in fact, what season marathons will do to you. (and if you're in 800x600 and can't read the bottom caption, it reads "In His Dreams...", which was an afterthought when i realised it was getting angsty in an annoying sort of fashion, and i'm the one who has to look at this every day...)

oh, and the buffyscape, which turned into the buffydiscscape, is now the buffypotterdiscscape. the fact that it's entirely too easy to incorporate all four fandoms should scare me, but it doesn't...
Tags: annoyances: modern technology, fandom: buffy, icons & layouts
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