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revisiting an old friend

in realising that not only was my next CD alphabetically 'sunset', but also that i haven't listened to it in months and this time last year i was probably listening to the damned thing addictively. the overture still sends little tingles down my spine.

it still makes me grin lots.

and oh, if only it wasn't alan campbell playing joe (i'm not explaining further. work it out :P) mind you, i don't think i'd be in a very coherent state of mind. it'd be like "music of the night" a la michael crawford on a loop when you're angsty and hormonal; that is, all higher brain functions are gone.

but still. they should'a recorded the tour on final night, gosh darnit. mainly because the car chase scene music made my brain do this: "oo! okay, awake now! aaaand we're melting..." whereby my body went into alert mode and followed it by slumping into a little strings-induced puddle in my seat. but also because y-k-w sings the high notes in "new ways to dream" like a frelling angel and just *sigh*

wow. 'sunset', huh? it can't be good for me...

later addition: "the lady's paying". oh, dear god. images in my brain. *giggles*

further addition: and the title song at the start of act two is nothing without jeremy's joe gillis slouch. alan campbell doesn't make me dissolve on the last note, either. feh...

Tags: celebrities: jeremy finch, fandom: sunset boulevard

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