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fic and angst and whee!

*exited babblings*

fic fic fic fic fic fic fic idea!! thethethe shooting! that i fixed! ee! and the argument and all flashbacky and wooooow...

okay, okay, that makes sense to me and probably nobody else, so here it is again in english...

"tango up on sunset" - the long and evil sunset chapter-fic of doom (as opposed to the long and evil buffychapter-fic of doom) is to end on a shippy note, but before it does, the pen-penultimate chapter involves a long and horrible argument between joe and norma, whereby he reminds her of when he came back and that she did, in fact, shoot him (having initially told her, on pain of being murdered by max if he told the truth, that it was the guys after his car) and various other things he then hates himself for later. (hey, it's angst, and mopey joe is fun to work with. i did tell you i liked torturing him...) but anyway, i just got the briefest little flash, movie-like, of him telling her about that shooting and what really happened, cutting between 'real' time and flashback. specifically... (and this is off the top of my head, mainly dialogue but no action because that takes longer and i'm only getting voices at the moment. this is raw, un-read, un-betaed, as-it-comes minhfic... thus, nobody's allowed to flame it :P)

"But you said-"

"I know what I said," he told her, "but I would have said anything to keep Max off my back. He didn't want you to know the truth, same as always, and, like an idiot, I listened to him."

She could only nod, still a little sceptical as the memory plainly refused to surface. "If that's so," she said, defiantly, "then why don't I remember?"

"I have no idea. Because you remember what you choose to remember; you always have. And Max hasn't exactly helped over the years."

Instinctively, she looked for Max, needing his support, but he was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he'd heard them and decided to stay out of it. Whatever the reason for his absence, it was one against one, and nobody to confirm either of their arguments. "This isn't fair, Joe. I barely remember that night; truth be told, neither do you."

"I have an excuse. I was unconscious." Had he not been serious, it would have been almost amusing. He was, however, right, and she remembered that much.

"I do remember the doctor being here..." she mused, a vague recollection surfacing. "Wasn't... wasn't one of the shots to your shoulder?"

He nodded. "Yes. But it was only a scrape..."


"It's only a scrape, Norma, nothing serious. Now, please, you're crowding me. I can't patch him up with you hovering over me like that."

Reluctantly, she steps back from the sofa doubling as her doctor's working area. "There's so much blood. I didn't realise."

"It's the nature of the beast. Don't worry."


It was coming back, slowly, in reverse.

and that's all my Muse is going to give me. but that's pretty much what it's going to look like. yee!

(also, something random about the opening credits of "the 10th kingdom" - when the landscape of NYC is turning into a fairytale kingdom, various buildings and bridges turn into castles and forests and things. the exception to the rule, in a very brief shot, is the twin towers, which take up the back of a shot of a giant stepping from liberty island to the mainland (or similar) - and it's literally a 1-second shot, but they just... fall... straight down. a la 9/11. it's actually kinda spooky...)
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