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i got them this afternoon. just about to check the CD and upload them to my site, which i will link to save htmling them all over again.

my day:
aims - to collect photos, but the new nicole kidman/robbie williams single (i'm sad, so kill me) and the pokemon 3 movie on video (see above.)

achieved - collected photos. went to hmv to look for other things. came out with - 1 dangermouse poster, the single of "come what may" (very cool, it has the backing track of the medley!!!), 3 videos for £20 (i got "cats", "the sound of music" and "the king and i"). then i went to virgin to look for same said video and single - came out with 5 blank tapes. als banged my head VERY hard on the ceiling part way up the stairs in hmv. ouch :(

mission partially accomplished... i now have two copies of cats, one with the bbc documentary on the end :)

now very overdrawn. i think i'll phone my dad, it's about time he sent me some money.

anyway, will now start uploading photos.
Tags: gratuitous spending
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