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because i've been doing creative writing all day, dammit.

well, doing creative writing and, um, cheering at eastenders. i'm sorry. the inner shipper likes kat/alfie too much for me to stop watching now. and it's east end cockney angst, innit!


do you type really fast? - apparently, yes. well, that's what eve said when she saw me typing an entry. although currently very, very inaccurate.

does it annoy people who are around you (like in the library)? - i've never typed in a library. i think it makes people stare at me in creative writing... especially when i'm creating something in html ;)

do you/did you like high school? - yeah. i miss it. i consider myself lucky.

how old are you? - 21

do you know anyone who has the same birthday as you? at school, abigail kelly. famous people-wise - angela lansbury, oscar wilde, evil kinevil (which i can't spell)

favorite pen color - black, blue, blue-black, purple, red, green (in fountain pen ink)...

what word do you constantly misspell when typing? - privilege (which i constantly misspell anyway), anything beginning with 'a' for a while, i would spell 'aeryn' automatically, ditto the word 'normal' as 'norma'... i'm sure there are lots. (just typed that as 'lost' for a start :D)

do you have trees in your yard? - there are plenty from the houses on the other side of the fence. (which i typed as 'fench'... gah.) our garden isn't big enough for trees. unless you count the little ferny things that look like tiny christmas trees.

name one comedian that everyone thinks is funny but you absolutely cannot stand - hm. um. for a while, jasper carrott, although he's growing on me. rory bremner, but only because i know nothing about politics...

name one director you hate and tell why - i can't think of one off the top of my head.

do you like tim burton? - he would come under the non-existent question of "name one director you love and tell why" - and the answer would be because he rocks and his films are always so preeeetty.

what annoys you more than anything? - prejudice.

tell me about the weirdest pair of socks you own - most of them. i guess the red/green stripey toe socks with the little glittery balls on the ends of the toes. the most impractical socks in the world.

if you woke up tomorrow morning as the opposite sex, what would you do first? - revel in the lack of PMT, for a start...

did you read fear street books? - eh?

how about sweet valley high? - nope.

babysitter's club? the boxcar children? - no and no.

goosebumps? - i read point horrors...

favorite show on nickelodeon (can be from the late 80's/early 90's when nick was good) - it's a tie between sister, sister (i was addicted, and a ray/lisa shipper. naturally...) clarissa explains it all and pee wee's playhouse for the short time it lasted. yet another example of british people not 'getting' it, but as it was a tim burton creation, it's hardly surprising...

did you watch are you afraid of the dark? - yup. the scariest thing about it was the opening credits with the ghostly swings...

did zeebo the clown scare you? - i have never heard of him/her/it, but with a name like that...

where do you vacation every summer? - not every summer, and usually europe. i've never been out of europe.

do you like the beach? - only when covered in lots of sun tan lotion, in the shade. or when i was little and had an excuse to build sandcastles ;)

do you tan or burn easily? - tan easily enough, takes a while to burn.

do you make up your own words and lingo? if so tell me about it - does schwa count? naomi, eve, sweet and i sort of coined 'yensch' as another word for 'jinx', which confuses people :)

do you eat lots of tv dinners? - all of my dinners are tv dinners, literally...

favorite hot pocket flavor - silly american-biased quiz...

if you could make one celebrity magically disappear, who would it be? - i only get one? no fair! but, without a doubt, antonio banderas. and britney spears. and all of steps, especially the two still inflicting themselves on the public. and the cheeky girls...

how is life treating you? - 'sokay, i guess.

do people like you? - i don't know. but i have an unhealthy need to know if they do, if that counts...

what do you think it is that makes the "popular" people popular? - bossiness, money, idiocy.

what do you wear the most: jeans.

are you using a pc or mac? - pc.

do you like chunky peanut butter? - i don't like any peanut butter.

what amazes you about the opposite sex? - all the various differences...

are you in love with anyone? - *whistles*

do you like anyone? - i like lots of people. but if we're talking about liking someone... no.

if so, who - and even if i did, i wouldn't tell you. ;)

why do you like them/why are you in love with them? - the Complex...

favorite cereal - rice krispies, bran flakes.

name a movie that makes you cry - "the land before time"... well, it used to. and "fieval goes west" did, once.

what's something you like about the opposite sex, physically, that your friends think is odd? - you mean aside from the, uh, gay thing?

is it true that only the good die young? - that entirely depends... there are plenty of bad who deserve to die young. there are plenty that don't deserve to be born...

if so, are you going to live forever or die soon? - am i good?

do you live for today? - generally, no. i'm too busy planning ahead... or being nostalgic.

how fast can you run? - in races, not fast in the slightest. when late for something, like the wind.

favorite band from the 60's/70's - the beatles, off the top of my head... do queen count for 70s?

have any of your friends had kids as teenagers? - not to my knowledge. friends of friends of friends, yes.

did they finish high school? - aforementioned friend of friend of friend, no.

favorite 80's television show - i don't remember... i used to like "the price is right" for a while... oh! "knightmare"!

were you even born in the 80's? - yes :P 1981. doesn't mean i remember them...

what year? - ^

have you ever taught a little kid a curse word? - probably ;)

if so which one was it? - i have no idea. it was probably accidental.

do you think little boys are horrendously ill behaved? - in general, yes. but when i was on work experience, there was a little boy in the class who was an angel.

have you ever thrown anything at a moving car? if so, what? - not to my recollection. i've always wanted to try that thing where you point a hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down, though.

name a villian in a movie that scared you when you were a kid - the scary pipe organ in the beauty and the beast video release, "the enchanted christmas" - that was one freaky thing... and giant evil ursula in "the little mermaid".

have you seen the original friday the thirteenth? - nope. it's on my list.

the original chucky? - i've seen a random five minutes of "bride of chucky".

the original halloween? - yup. and "H20", too.

what's your favorite channel? hm. sky one, for the getting of new serieses before the beeb and the advertising of them; scifi for unedited 'scape; uk gold; challenge (they show the crystal maze) and uk living, which has "most haunted"... and the many movie channels. and all of the film four channels... on terrestrial, bbc1 and 2, and channel 4, which tend to have the most watchable programming.

what do you say when you stub your toe off of the corner of the coffee table? - usually "yooowwww!" followed by "shit!" and lots of hopping around muttering.

what's the highest thing you've ever jumped off of and landed unharmed? - i don't make a habit of it. probably a wall. or midway up a rock i'd climbed and realised i couldn't get down from.

does it snow where you live? - not often enough.

if yes, do you go sled riding? - i've done it once, on a friend's sled, in warley woods. i was 10.

have you ever used anything weird, like a frisbee or a trashcan lid, for a sled? - i've got one of those weird floppy plastic things with the handle on one end, but i've never used it.

how many people do you know who were born in november? - a couple...

what month has the most people you know born in it? - may, or december...

do holidays make you festive? - usually...

magazines you subscribe to - used to subscribe to x-files official magazine, but then it sort of... stopped.

do you read the supermarket tabloids? - i got a free one from sainsbury's once, but only because i needed random adverts for my project.

have you ever smashed somebody's halloween pumpkin? nope.

ever had yours smashed? - they've... gotten singed a few times. or rotted.

do you celebrate christmas? - yup.

if not, do you still watch "how the grinch stole christmas" when it comes on television? - i've only seen that in sections, and the jim carrey film...

do you think the grinch movie starring jim carrey was a waste of money? - quite probably, but it was innocent fun and the makeup was good. i saw it with rachel and crystal (or rather, i dragged them to see it) and the funniest moment had to be when the grinch is sitting on his hilltop, laughing, which turns into crying - and crystal was laughing, and it sounded exactly like it ;)

ever had a hot teacher? - nope. although apparently lots of people had a crush on mr. yeo. also apparently our course leader dave looks really nice with his hair down...

if yes, did you flirt with him/her? - everyone flirted with mr. yeo. it was funny watching him go pink.

how do you treat people you are attracted to? (this is not a stupid question; some people are immature and are mean to those they like) - as proven by the trip to leeds, uh... i gush uncontrollably and regret everything i say later, and say lots of random things and make it plainly obvious short of saying "i love you! marry me!" *cough*

what do you want for your birthday this year? - anything off my amazon wish list; paid web space; a paid journal (i'm that poor :P)

have you ever egged somebody's house? - nope.

has someone ever egged yours? - yes. idiot local kids.

do we all go a little mad sometimes? - yes.

what pisses you off more than anything in the world? - prejudice. the phantom movie casting.

do you still go trick or treating? - i've never been. :(

do you believe in santa claus? - nope. i believe in sandy claws :D

have you ever worked in a supermarket? - heh. no.

how about a restaurant? - well, the coopers arms has a restaurant. my extent of working there is clearing a couple of plates and taking glasses away. oh, mcdonalds, i suppose...

if yes, do you agree with me when i say that those are the two worst establishments to work in? - no, the two worst establishments to work in are mcdonalds and russel's hall hospital :P

what color is your bedspread? - white with black polka dots.

do your eyes change colors? - they're naturally grey but sometimes have greenish flecks...

do you believe that we walked on the moon? - uh, yes...

what's your opinion of the u.s. retaliation in afghanistan? - probably one of the worst decisions ever made.

do you live by yourself? - sorta... in halls.

have you ever gotten a computer virus? - thankfully, no. got a fake one off stephen once that nearly made me have a heart attack.

if so, what was it and how did you get rid of it? - if i got one, i'd panic... and try to backup everything before it disappeared.

describe your junior high/middle school gym teacher - mrs foreman - she was blonde and lovely. miss jackson - do i need to describe miss jackson? miss mold - you know, i never did find out if the rumours about her and mr. doidge were true...

how do you react when someone is talking to you --up in your face-- and they have really bad breath? - i pretend not to have noticed, and gag at the next opportunity i get.

what was your first date like? - set up and incredibly awkward... we met in coffee republic and i had to put up with clare kicking me in the shins because i wasn't talking - then after she and simon left, i did talk - and we saw "mission: impossible 2" at the odeon...

did you go/are you going to the prom? - well, this year it was a toss up between going to may ball or working at may ball (£6.00/hour after midnight) but it's the night before the con, and i'll be in london, so no.

if you've already gone, was it good or bad? past two years have been good. our leaver's ball was... okay, i suppose.

do you get uneasy when you see a person of a different color than you walking down the same street as you in the middle of the night? - i generally don't, unless they actually do look shifty or are obviously following me.

if yes, do you think that makes you racist? no. i'd be discriminating based on the fact they were following me, and it would be self-defence. i'd get nervous if a white bloke followed me down the street, too. hell, i'd get nervous if a white woman followed me down the street if she looked like she was going to beat me up. it makes me sensible, not racist...

are you a vegetarian? - hell, no.

how about vegan? - stupid question...

if no to both, do you think you could be? - if i wanted to starve to death or subsist entirely on chips, parsnips and cheese, then yes...

have you ever given up a certain type of food? i've cut down on chocolate and crisps to lose weight before now. i've cut out food in general from sheer laziness ;)

spit out a random song lyric for me. make sure you tell me the name of the song and who sings it! - "and it's too late / and it's too bad / don't think of me" - dido, "don't think of me".

who does the chores around your house? - chores?? only on special occasions, and it's usually a joint effort.

name one person who annoys you more than anyone else, and tell why - too many... but specifically, last year, one richard elwell, who made visualising gender a living hell in camp-boy-noise for 12 frelling weeks. i'm so glad he's left. (nothing against camp-boy-noise, merely against the sheer level of said noise. you had to be there to fully appreciate the brain ache.)

what movie could you watch a million times and never get tired of? - nightmare before xmas, the sound of music, the wizard of oz, labyrinth, rocky horror picture show, probably lots more...

what movie have you watched a million times, and you still laugh at the jokes? - the addams family... and sunset boulevard, although i just laugh at things that make my brain jump up and down and go 'ee!'. probably a lot more. any comedy episode of anything, like x-files' "humbug", "war of the coprophages", "syzygy", "small potatoes", "bad blood", etc; 'scape's "john quixote", "revenging angel"...; voyager's "bride of chaotica!". you get the idea.

what movie do you hope you never see again? - hmm...anything on that 12-movie DVD set lloyd got for new year's eve, any of which could compete for the 'worst movie ever' award (and consider that we watched, like, 15 minutes of one and 30 of another and no more. yeah. that's how bad they were...). "the crow: city of angels" was pretty dire...

have you ever hugged a stuffed animal or pillow and pretended that it was your significant other, or someone you had a crush on, and then someone caught you talking to it, and stroking its soft, fuzzy fur, and laughed at you and told the whole school? - nope...

do you drive? - nuh-uh.

if so, do you like to drive at night or in the day time? - i'm sure i'd prefer to drive at day so as not to get lost, although night with abandoned roads does sound appealing...

has anyone ever called you a bitch? - yes.

Who - lloyd, because i can fit into a 12 and he can't. jen, frequently ;) crystal, also frequently.

has anyone ever called you an asshole? - not to my knowledge.

are you a bitch/asshole? - i'm a bitch. yup.

what's the first thing you do when you get home from school/work? - dump my bag on the floor and collapse onto the bed. i'm on the third floor...

favorite pop tart flavor - probably strawberry...

do you play any musical instruments? if so, what? - piano, badly. voice. recorder.

tell me about the best school-related activity you ever took part in - various concerts, notably: carmina burana at symphony hall; fauré's requiem at the adrian boult hall; red thread in london/mac; the two quartet concerts; at uni, the first christmas concert where me and angela dueted the verses to gaudete (which nigel insisted on pronouncing "gawdett" and prompted me to teach everyone latin pronunciation...)

have you ever built a snowman? - yes.

did you cry when it melted, or when the kid next door knocked its head off with a shovel? - i was probably the one who knocked it over...

what's your religion? - atheist.

do you try to force it on other people? - no, because that's one of the things that really pisses me off about fundies. although i do sometimes feel like shouting "can't you see how utterly implausible it all is, for christ's sake?!" but i don't :) flame at will :)

do you knock on people's doors at 7 a.m. on saturdays, trying to give them a pamphlet and tell them about the lord, or ask random people at the mall if they’ve been saved, yet you think that doesn’t count as forcing religion, you son of a bitch? - i rest my case.

what's the best restaurant you've ever eaten at? - TGI friday's after a-levels. the meal cost £50.00 and they do this dessert that's like a giant oreo cookie...

have you ever been flipping channels late at night and caught a glimpse of some porn on skinemax? - i've caught plenty of porn on german channel 'vox' before now, before we got digital. scary as hell... it's not even on late at night, which is somewhat scarier.

if so, did you watch it? don't say no, i know you did - only briefly, in a "what the hell... ohhh. yikes." way before swiftly turning over again.

what's the code word or phrase you and your friends use for the word SEX? - frell :)

is sex an uncomfortable topic for you? - i've never really thought about it. it's not something i regularly discuss...

what is the one thing in the world that just looking at it makes you vomit, or come close to it? - needles in arms. in my 10 weeks of placement, they were the one thing i just couldn't cope with, including drips and blood tests.

when other people vomit, does it make you sick? - not generally.

do your clothes match? - heh. no. unless i make a specific effort. i have one actual matching outfit - an electric blue three-piece suit...

what are you wearing right now? - big flared jeans (the pale blue ones with the dark circles on), mesh top over black aeryn-y top, black socks, purple slippers.

did you ever have those fisher price roller skates that go over top of your shoes? - yup. i was hopeless on them.

did you have a bike with a banana seat? - nope.

could you ride it? - n/a.

have you lived in the same house your entire life? - nope.

what’s the weirdest thing you’ve lived next to? Tell me a memory you have of it.- my neighbours at reginald road were pretty weird. one day the husband/father was spotted on the island nearby digging up the plants...

who is the ugliest person you’ve ever seen? - you think i remember?

do you watch talk shows? - alas, yes.

do you think miss cleo is full of shit? - who?

if not, have you called her and wasted your money, you idiot? - again, who?

what are your thoughts on keeping animals in captivity? - if they're bred for it (domesticated house cats and dogs, for example), then fair enough. ditto animals that are born in captivity... but keeping things in cages that have been free their whole lives is a no-no.

what do you think of all the “superstores” that are popping up everywhere? (super walmart, super k-mart, super target)? - i just wish we had an asda (or is it walmart now?) i could get to without a bloody car ;)

what do you think of pop music? - according to the stats, people who listen to pop and dance music have the lowest IQs. *serene smile at knowing she's better than the majority in that respect*

tell me something i don’t know - i was once really good at acting. honest.

phew. not as long as the obscenely long one, but...
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