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this evening's to-do list...

1) tidy my room - this is to include dusting, vacuuming, and changing my bed... and possibly some shelf-rearrangement because, what with my printer, a load of CDs and DVDs and random other stuff bearing down on it, it's started to come away from the middle divide. i mean, it's still attached to the wall, but...

2) decide what to take to con by laying out all possible outfits on bed in a girlish manner. and i bet i'll still end up wearing my black mock-leather trousers and my corset to the VIP party...

3) attempt to pack...

4) go through folder and sort notes into correct order. then spend tomorrow typing up picturing books notes before attempting to start essay (i just re-read the questions and went "meeehhhh"...)

5) at some point, actually... eat something...

i might be done by midnight ;)
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