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*large yawn*

i'm beginning to realise i have levels of tiredness. mostly, i'm in the "oh-god-don't-make-me-move" level... today i'm in the "i've-had-three-hours-sleep" level. which means all of the following:

1) i am thoroughly pleasant. oddly enough. which means i'll be one stroppy tralk come midnight.

2) i am capable of talking at length about any given subject to anyone who'll listen (as kim and... the other lady whose name i've forgotten discovered this morning...)

3) i make silly impulse buys (even though i paid £11.69 from HMV. humph.) - but nevertheless, this will fill the catatonia-less void in my existence :D

4) i procrastinate something chronic because i know i won't be able to concentrate if i try to revise for the exam i must revise because i haven't yet and it's tomorrow. (see what i mean about the talking at length?)

so i shall eat lunch, finish listening to my nice new CD (it's very good. doesn't compare to the full catatonia sound, but nothing does. since most of the songs are written by cerys, it's still similar...) and my new layout (which will now probably take me many hours...) and check mail, then i'll revise. yes. and i won't come back til i know everything there is to know about nineteenth century poetry.

hah. yeah, right ;)
Tags: gratuitous spending, soundtrack for life, university, weird sleeping habits
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