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and before i forget...

stolen from shibaiko

basically, these here are the answers to four questions asked me in a comment to above user's journal, who answered four questions asked her. y'see? so if you want to take part, comment, and i'll ask you four questions that you have to answer in your journal. hey, it's different, and it passes the time...

1. What's the absolute worst fic you've ever read?

ooh, tough one. possibly the one i linked to a while back that i hope was fake (i can't be bothered to go and find the address now; it was written entirely in typos that aren't physically possible.) but hm, the worst that wasn't fake... hm, well, there was a truly horrible phanphic once that came before the nc-17 ban. although i technically read the MST (that subsequently got banned) because it made it infinitely more bearable. it was nc, but it was bad nc, and horribly out of character... and it was like watching a car accident...

2. What exactly is the Troika?

heh. it's a word i stole off buffyworld that they used to describe the nerd herd, warren, jonathan and andrew, and it amused me. and me being a geek just seemed to fit the 'long lost sister of the troika' idea...

3. What's you're favorite fandom that you've been involved in?

another tough one... i think probably farscape because i met people through it, and it was the one thing that really developed my style. the fans are snarky, but amusingly so, and it's elitist in a cool way as opposed to elitist in a bitchy way like so many other fandoms... it was also the first television show to ever make me cry.

other than that, i suppose sunset boulevard because it meant i got to meet fabulous people associated with the show ;)

4. Why is it that you have a paid account, but only five icons? What's up with that?

purely haven't got around to it yet. new layout coming soon, so there will be more icons to upload...

so, if anyone else wants to take part, you know what to do :)
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